Automotive services

For years we have been creating, developing and improving management systems in automotive companies. Day after day we combine practice and academic knowledge, thus achieving solutions tailored to the needs of company management. Based on a solid foundation of specialist knowledge and industry experience, we have developed a range of services that fully meets the expectations of the most demanding leaders in automotive companies. We are at our customers’ disposal in several areas.

Management process support

We know every step of the dealership management process. From selling cars and financing, through selling parts and accessories, to the specifics of servicing and car body repair. In our everyday work we help managers to set goals, diagnose problems and correct them, as well as evaluate effects of the implemented actions.

Our support for management processes means:

In this area, the process of cooperation with the client is divided into 3 stages:

I. Audit of the current status – a diagnostic process of the state and needs of the organization. Its final outcome is a report.

II. Proposal and implementation of solutions – based on the audit, together with the management we develop the most effective solutions.

III. Regular supervision of the process – ongoing reporting and supervision of the system operation.

Financial controlling

We believe that data speaks. We specialize in translating numbers into factual information. The messages we deliver always fully relate to the subject matter and reach the client’s management office on time. Our reports contain reliable and complete management information. Our priority after starting cooperation is to automate the processes of collecting management information in a company and implement actions which optimize the operating costs. At the request of the client, as part of the financial controlling services for the automotive industry, we prepare:

Financial audit

Nowak & Rajwa originates from the automotive industry. We are proud of this uniqueness of our company. It has allowed us to create and develop a rare service tailored to the specificity of the automotive sector. Apart from the obligatory financial audit, we offer our partners implementation of financial controlling subsystems tailored for dealerships. Very few audit firms focus on a particular industry and have in-depth knowledge of the realities in both the economic environment and the industry itself.

Our auditors specializing in the automotive sector guarantee to provide the entrepreneur with key information on the processes occurring in the company. Moreover, they support entrepreneurs in defining their goals and business decisions, both in the short and long term.

The result of our cooperation, apart from the preliminary opinion and report on the mandatory audit of financial statements, are controlling-related products and services, which constitute an added value to the annual review and a foundation for more effective reporting and deriving full information from the results in the successive years:


Accounting data is a treasury of knowledge about the financial condition of a company. The task of the accountancy is to provide reliable, credible and quick information to its recipients. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to use appropriate tools, that is, an optimal accounting system. The specificity of the automotive segment requires developing an accounting system which is specific in its structure and which responds to the information needs of the industry. Thanks to our extensive experience gained during work on projects optimizing the work of financial and accounting departments, we offer our clients a specialized service which is a combination of actions streamlining accounting processes with standard accounting outsourcing To optimize the work of financial and accounting departments we offer:

W ramach usług outsourcingu ksiąg rachunkowych proponujemy: