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Nowak & Rajwa

Nowak & Rajwa Business Services has been operating since 2009. Its founders are Barbara Urbanek-Rajwa, registered as Statutory Auditor under no. 12462 and Anna Nowak, a long-time Chief Accountant with experience in working for Polish and foreign capital groups. Together they head a team of over a dozen auditors and accounting specialists. 

Our services

Outsourcing accounting services to major, high-profile companies is a current trend. Nowak & Rajwa Business Services company specializes in providing comprehensive services related to audit, accounting and human resources not only to the automotive industry, but also to numerous renowned clients representing other branches of business.


Evaluation of a company from an accounting
perspective and valuation of its assets.

Accounting services

We maintain our clients’ accounting books and
personnel records reliably and with the utmost care.

Automotive Services

Practice and academic knowledge, thus achieving solutions
tailored to the needs of company management.

Other services

Designing and implementing financial
and operational controlling systems.

Our strengths

One of Nowak & Rajwa Business Services’ clients said that once you decide to work with our company, you do so forever. The moment someone decides to trust us, they stay and reap the benefits of high quality service for their business.

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Among our excellent clients: